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Europe – The Beginning

Little is known about the origin of the European scene, barely anything is published. Fact is, there was a scene before the US-VC emerged. This is not to promote the seemingly perceived image of the European snobbish “We Are Oh So Much Older Than Thou” vampire. This is not to justify ourselves to anybody or to prove we are older, cooler, better, anything. It may well have been that smaller groups of individuals who considered themselves vampires, but if this is the case, we simply don’t know it. What we know, however, is that we have an offspring that predates the mid-Nineties.

However, this scene was close-knit and did not seek publicity at all. I personally know of two German vampires older than me, speaking scene-terminology. This would mean, into the “business” since earlier-than-1994. One has his origins in Rostock, the other one in Berlin. And this is also, where things started.

The earliest traces of the vampire scene seem to be found in the 80’s in Great Britain. Within the Gothic scene, there emerged a smaller group of people catering to a vampiric lifestyle, however not in the mythological or fictional sense of the word, but that kind of lifestyle similar to the VC as it exists today.

A similar scene emerged in Germany in the late 80’s, especially in Berlin, Rostock and Potsdam. Eventually, some few individuals eventually gathered in smaller groups, never larger than 10 individuals supposedly. Later, larger Gatherings were possible, with individuals taking part from many other European countries.

This development ended with the VC going public with the emergence of the internet, the US-VC and first German organizations, like the Crux Ansata. However, the German scene developed differently than the US scene. And until today, there are deeply rooted differences visible.

Europe – The Beginning
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