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Concerning Germany

The German scene, how is it? It was one of the first questions I was asked as soon as I started talking to old friends. I noticed fairly soon that this question cannot be answered in a few short statements.

Europe is different. Germany (and the countries with German as a native language like Switzerland and Austria) is different. And thus, the scene is different.

The German VC is a topic worth talking about. Maybe you were always curious how things are far away across the big puddle. Here is the place to find at least a few snapshots. Therefore I say "Herzlich Willkommen in Deutschland!"

Europe The Beginning
The little which is known about the time "before"

Legal Issues Why Are We So Inaccessible?
Do you know of any freely accessible German vamp site?

Vampyre vs. Vampire The Eternal Rant
Would you have known?

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