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Welcome back to "A Theory on Real Vampirism".

The name that most people know me by is Sasha.

Back in spring 1997, I created a website concerning vampires in order to discuss what until then has not been a subject fit for publicity: real vampires dealing with real problems. I maintained this site until the beginning of 2001. Back then, I had to take it down for a larger number of reasons. Most of them are now obsolete.

In May 2009 I rejoined the Vampire Community. At first, I only re-entered the German community, because this is where I currently live, after all. I built up a real-life social network for myself, joined the online community. Shortly afterwards, I decided to get back to where I came from: the international VC which has its roots in the USA. And now, my site is back online.

Some of you might still remember my older site “A Theory on Real Vampirism” or the “Real Vampires Discussion Snake Pit”. Or probably pages where I was active like the Hall of Memories and its discussion board, the Vampire White Pages, Claudias Dollhouse or the VRI. This is where I made my first web-based steps. Many of these places are long gone or at least deserted. So was my page for over 8 years (which in terms of the internet development is eternity in a nutshell). Now, you might ask what sense there is in bringing this old place back to live. The VC has had 13 years to evolve further and beyond those old theories.

It is a valid question. However, this site is not created in order to simply post that old stuff once more. For sure, for those among us who are either a bit nostalgic or like to revisit old things that helped shaping the presence, it might be fun to browse the old sites. Therefore, as one part of this page, I have revamped my former website. Or rather, what is still left of it. (You don’t wanna know what the Wayback Machine left over.)

On the other hand, I wish to share my view on the last years which shaped one of the most prominent and important aspects of my life. I am living as a Sanguinarian for over 15 years now, having spent a few of them in the VC, having spent more, however, while trying to live without it, was able to see bits of this community evolve both in the US and Europe.

If anything, I hope this site will help me and maybe you to come to terms with changing views, experiences made and how to integrate this experience into one’s own life. Many of the material I post does exist in other parts of the community in one way or another, and all I hope to achieve is being able to place these things into the context of 13 years of personal experience. If you are still interested now, feel free to travel a part of this path with me.

Sasha, 10.02.2010, somewhere in the shadows

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04.01.2012 - Upload of the archived VRI Message Base in the Miscellaneous section

14.08.2011 - Links section has changed slightly.

19.02.2010 - The first texts for the section "Concerning Germany" are online.

First Steps
10.02.2010 - I have started to add the first new texts as they slowly evolve. More to come.

07.08.2009 - "A Theory On Real Vampirism" is back. Please wait for news as the new site starts to evolve. Meanwhile, enjoy a bit of history!