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Now you have entered a place that is full of information on real life vampirism. The following sites present information such as explanatory attempts to to show up possible offsprings for vampirism, essays on the physical symptoms and varieties of vampirism, links to other places of interest, a disclaim of misconceptions about vampirism, places to meet other vampires on the net and many other things.

This place does not provide the reader with vampire fiction such as Role Playing Games, novels, films and their reviews and Gothic stuff. This place is strictly factional.

This place will also not provide the reader with information about the so-called "vampire religions" which seem to pop up on the web like poisonous mushrooms. This page is not affiliated with such organisations nor does the author sponsor any of such institutions. This includes not linking such webpages to this site´s linklist. In this site´s FAQ there will be referred to the reasons of this behavior.

So if you believe this place will not provide you with the information you have been searching for, leave this page to make a new attempt on Google and remember not to drop in next time.

If this place offers the information that you have been searching for, feel free to enter and enjoy your stay.

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