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Frequently asked Questions

Are vampires immortal?

In case you define immortal as excepted from death, then no. Every creature on this planet can die. Or is it just that you want to know if vampires are capable of getting older than the average human?

Well, I know quite some vampires beside myself. Most of them are looking much younger than they actually are. I have also heard of vampires who claim to be much older than the average. But in another context. Magically enabled vampires may be able to preserve their conscious life energy in order to transfer it into another body. But the capability of a sole body, no matter if the one of a vampire or a human, is limited. It ages, no matter who lives inside. There is not much that I know if and how the aging process works with a vampire. I am quite too young to judge on this. I can only rely on what others have told or shown me. And from this I believe that those vampires who already look younger than they are are also able to extend their life-span to a certain degree. Everything beyond that goes beyond my knowledge.

Are vampires predators?

Are humans predators? In my view, there is nothing that differs a vampire that much from a human being that much to say he is more a predator than the human. Humans are predators. They kill, they commit crimes in order to enrichen themselves. They are worse predators than animals even. But a vampire has actually a good reason to keep himself together. He has something to lose. Vampires have sharper senses in many cases. Vampires are acting with more consciousness in most cases. This makes them a little more capable of some things. An advantage among some, but there are disadvantages as well. No, vampires are not predators, they do the same things to survive as humans. If you think of vicious creatures lurking you up in the park or on the graveyard, forget it. I know noone who acts that stupid.

Isnīt this maybe just some silly roleplay stuff?

In no way! I have been asked this question many times. I can tell you this, roleplay may be fun. But it deals with a total different kind of vampire. This is not about vampires morphing into the shape of animals and flying around. This is not about clan wars. This is about life.

Actually, role players have done a lot of harm to us. They are the ones going to talk shows claiming to be vampires. They are the ones using terms existing for a long while already for their games making us appear like gamers as well just we are still used to the original use of the word. Thus, when someone tries to search for help, he is easily misconcepted for a gamer. And imagine how you would feel if someone told you that you are just pretending to be what you are...

I know quite some people personally who have lost their sight for reality. They have been engaging in RPG that much that they lost sight for reality. I met a fat, unattractive man of the age of 33 who tried hard to prove to me that he was a Toreador. It was a petty thing, even if just for the fact that his poetical attempts were so horrible that one could only cry tears of pity. (note: Toreador are a VtM White Wolf Clan of poets and artists). I had to suffer a lot from this person. And I guess a high percentage of the vampires I know can come up with similar stories...

Can vampires only drink blood?

Depends on the vampire? No, it is not that easy. I donīt know of any vampire yet that fully feeds on blood or mental energy. The body is simply not able to live on blood only. It can make a great part of the normal diet, true. But blood simply does not content all the nutritiants that a body needs to survive. There are vampires who need only a little blood and eat nearly normal. But there are also vampires who have a 50/50 diet and get along as well. I know for myself that I am simply not capable of consuming the amounts of solid food anymore that I have been able to well... before. As well I sometimes have problems about the amounts I consume now. Neither do I gain weight nor do I lose it. But this actually is a question one should ask the individual vampire.

Can you make me a vampire?

Please, not this again. I receive requests of this kind all the time and all the time I say no. You cannot run around asking any vampire if he will turn you, or how ever you call it. There is at least a thing called etiquette.
I have some good reasons that you should listen to and think about for a while.

1. I cannot stand my life anymore!

Now, first, this is your problem, not mine. Second, if you expect to live forever when becoming a vampire, how dare you think now, that you are unable to stand your life as it is, you could stand eternity? This is just plain silly! Vampirism is not a miracle that erases all your personal problems.

2. I have wanted it for my whole life!

Uh-huh. Why? Because you read about it? Because you liked the films? Wake up! Vampires are not people walking around in floating silk gowns always being melancholic, beautiful and pathetic! They are people trying to live a life as normal as possible. They are normal people in a way, but different in many things. They have some advantages, but disadvantages as well. A dear friend once said If vampirism was a bed of roses, then someone forgot to remove the damn thorns in it! Think about it... why would he as a vampire have said that?

Are vampires Satanists?

Erm, difficult question. Let me give you two answers on two other questions considering the same aspect.

Is Vampirism a religion?

Not the kind of vampirism we are talking about here. There are one or two legally enacted religious institutions calling themselves vampire churches, but this is a different subject. They pretend to be able to make a vampire out of you by their rituals and sell you a pamphlet of 25 sides for 25 bucks, having no contents and no use for a fit mind. They also sell you a cheap jewelery for about 100 bucks and you have something nice to wear and to claim to be part of this-and-that. Other institutions claim rulership over the world because of being full of superhumans and evil magicians. Now, I will not provide the reader of my page with information on any of such nonsense as I am neither affiliated with any of the aforementioned institutions nor do I sponsor such behavior. I am not fond of organisations mistaking vampirism for racism or Hollywood satanism. So if anyone seeks information about such, there are sites he can go to, but this site is none of them. I keep noone from believing what he wants, but I also do not sponsor him. Shall anyone believe what he wants to believe...

Are Vampires the same as Satanists now?

No. Satanism is a religion that has been interpreted in numerous ways, from children slaying Hollywood satanism over the concepts of Anton LaVey up to the ToS. A lot of people can claim to be Satanists and do not even know what they are talking about, but after all, it is a religion and a worldview. Here, we are talking about Vampirism. You asked, is it a religion? And I said no. Thus, the question answers itself.

Let me make a further note on this. I am member of a discussion forum that covers the aspects of vampirism, philosophy and religion. In this forum, we have a Wiccan, a Christian, some Pagans, an Atheist and several Satanists. Now, we are all getting along. Who says vampires are Satanists? And I did not say who is a vampire in there and who not... think on it.

In which way are vampires related to magic?

I believe that most vampires have magical abilities. Why most? You have a talent, maybe. But only if you accept it, you can make an ability out of it. I believe that all vampires have a magical talent. I donīt exactely know why this is. Maybe because vampires are dealing with energy streams every day. They consume energy, they are used to energy swings and balancing these swings. They are simply used to dealing with it. Energy is an important part in magic. Difficult subject here. Enough people say the vampire is a rather magical being than anything else. I tend to believe one, two of the people claiming this because of their arguments, but I donīt have enough knowledge on this. I know what I am, I know what my friends are. I know what I and them can do. This ought to be enough to claim what I said.

Help, I am a vampire! What can I do???

Go and seek help in other vampires. It is easy to say this. Maybe you are wrong, maybe you are right. It is horribly difficult to say this. But in case that you are right, seek help. It is nearly impossible to get along with this all alone. Some might manage, I did not. And I can tell you, knowing to be a vampire gives you a damn hard time being alone with it. First of all, donīt overreact and run about telling everyone. The most certain way to end your life as you know it. You might get used to this silent room in this nice house where everyone is so friendly to you, but this is for sure not what you aimed at. Yes, they want to help you, but not in the way you wanted it...

If you have gotten this far, then you can for instance use the net even further. I have made up a linklist that only consists of useful pages. Information on biological and psychic vampirism, factual way. Places to meet others. Places to ask questions and to seek help. Sites to read to get basic information. This should do for the first panic. But maybe you should find someone you can really talk to. Believe me, it helps...

How can I find out if I am a vampire?

Hard to say. I have been talking to people who asked help of me and I tried to do my best. But do I know if they were true, and if, if they told me everything? I can try to tell you my opinion on the things you tell me, just as every other vampire as well. And as some other researchers. But give me 100 people and you will have 100 different opinions, due to the fact that vampirism has yet not been scientifically proven. And beside that, it is hard to distinguish who is a vampire and who just believes to be a vampire. Go over the materials available, talk to vampires, listen to them and to your inner voice. And you will find out, sooner or later.

How do I tell my lover/friends/family?

Better not at all. Sounds hard, but is true. I have no family. I have new friends now. Luckily I had no lover at the time it happened. But I know how it is losing someone I love.

I donīt want to make you angry. But think on it. What would those people say? How would they react? Isnīt this why you are asking this question? I know how they reacted when I told some of them I am not a Christian anymore. Guess what happened... now, let it go. In a sense, you are not the person they remember and love anymore. You should consider making yourself a new life. In case this is not possible, hide it. It is the way you get along best.

True, you always have to make your own decision. But always think first. I cannot tell you what to do. I cannot give you any advice. Everyone is different. We are no stereotypes. Everyone has his own personal needs and aims. Lots of people are torn out of their natural environment by this, in their best age. Shit happens, I know this, better than a lot of others. But always think on what suits you best. It should be your own, personal security.

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