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A Theory on Real Vampirism

Welcome all who seek knowledge about the vampiric being, which reasons ever may have led you here. Which way even you may have chosen to come here, for sure it is not the first source you have tasted on your path towards knowledge. Let me tell you something about myself first before I let you continue your search.

My name is Sasha. I started my own research in May '97 in order to get a better view on the things around me. I consumed any source of information I was able to get hold of, among those books, scientific articles, essays, web pages and contact to other researchers and vampires. Among these sources have been useful ones and those who describe phenomenons which have only a little to no connection to the topic we are talking about - vampirism.

I have read things about some Carpathian count who won a fight against the Turcs, about genetic diseases which make people suffer from light, no matter if sunlight or artificial light, about the spread of TB in the middle east of Europe during the 18th century, about serial killers and perverts. Many things that lead to general confusion and misconceptions among mankind. Stories made to feed the hunger of the masses, the hunger for sensational stories and panic spreading "facts", the everyday bloodthirst of everybody and his neighbours.

I have also come across studies of high interest for anybody who searches the truth. Studies that have either been completed to a high degree or at least which offered some useful hints to continue research. By the time passing I have come to draw my own conclusions about the phenomenon of vampirism I have come to offer anyone who is interested in it for any reason a theory on this subject, covering several aspects such as a study of the symptoms, possible explanations of the offspring, the varieties of vampirism and the psychological effects on the person facing this fate.

May this theory be the first step towards the knowledge of real vampirism and a possibility to overcome misconceptions and terrifying myths of bloodsucking grave-inhabitants which lurk in the dark and slay virgins at full moon.

Is this what you want to know?
Is this what you have been searching for?
Dare to go ONE further step?
Then follow me...

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There might be more to it than this...read between the lines and search for the signs...

(In this place, I had listed the web awards I had won for my page. Sadly, all the pctures were lost overt the years.)

"Nothing exists in contradiction to nature,
only in contradiction to what we know about it."
Fox Moulder, "The X-Files"

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