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Misinformation Sites

This site is not meant to flame, insult or ridicule anyone presenting his view on the web. But there are misconceptions that should be rectified.

There is no unique view on vampirism, also there is no proof that vampirism exists anyhow. All we have are our experiences, our views and our learnings. Nevertheless there are things that are in the way they are being presented unlikely, if not impossible.

Everyone has the right to build his own opinion on what he thinks vampirism is. He may visit the named sites as he wishes. but I am not forced to link them to my page. The full URL's are given below, except in extreme cases. But even these pages can be easily found via Yahoo! or any other searching engine. The information herein presented is the authors view only. Similarity to the views of other members of the Vampire Community are coincidal - except there may be something to it.



This site provides the reader with all the common misconceptions about vampires that are base of ongoing RPG campaigns such as WhiteWolf's V:tM. It is spoken about immortals who can extend fangs by their will, burn to death in the sun and the like. Maybe a good site for finding out about common folkloristic misconceptions, but as the information is being presented as information about real life vampires, I would not recommend it for the seeker of real information.

Vampiric Studies: Vampire 101


Catherene, teacher of the nights children, holds lectures in her area about the subject of vampirism and also provides the contents of her studies online on her page. The lecture covers several aspects of vampirism of which some sound pretty useful (to say, she was my first teacher) useful, others less.

My choice of putting her page rather here than in the biological section has arisen from the main fact that she teaches that classical vampires usually become 1500 years old and that she provides medical data that sound unbelievable to me, such as that the organs of a classical vampire turn to stone/decompose at the age of 80. Some aspects, however, about nighttimers, genetic vampires and psivampires are straight to the core, as I said.

This site contains much useful information, but I recommend the reader to take the site with not only a grain but a full bag of salt, for, I will believe that I will get older than non-vampires when I get that old, not earlier. It is up to the reader/student to chose.

Devilrhymes Theory


This address is not for the theory only. It is the URL of the site where the theory is on, linked as Theory #1. The Site itself, Psionocs 425, is, however, highly reccomended for psionic studies.

The theory of Devilrhymes herself was recommended as "the" theory on the web before the Vampire Community was established. It deals with a retroviral concept, but when more closely regarded, it soon loses this high claim. The theory is put up in a quasi-scientific way, but nevertheless still claims such things that vampires grow retractable fangs when created and that the blood of vampires lacks the red blood cells. Both things are in reality disproven. The rest of the theory is of the same quality. Unfortunately, this female claims that she will write a book on it soon. *sigh*

EnBlu's Vampire Page


This person claims to be approximately 1200 years old, that vampires get sexually mature at the age of 300 and says that when he is shot, he heals as soon as the bullet penetrates the body. No further comment.

Dark Ritual


Beyond the usual purposes of psychic vampirism - the mere feeding with astral/pranic/life energy - the author implies a harmful intention. This site promotes psychic vampirism as an intended harmful magical attack. I am not saying that this is impossible, but in this context, this site is just another add to the mingling of vampirism and Black Magic performed with the purpose of intentionally harming someone.
I think there are more than enough sites which draw no line between evil and vampirism...

Vampire cults/religions

Adresses will not be provided.

The reason why I list this relatively general category without providing addresses is easy. The vampiric being is a lifeform, not a religion. There are numerous theories on what a vampire de facto is, but there is one thing it definetely is not: a religion or a cult.

The presentation of vampirism as a religion produces two common misconceptions which I value as dangerous:

1. that vampirism is something like Satanism, which is simply not true.
2. that the initiators of such religions are able to turn someone into a vampire simply by putting some rituals on the poor persons head. What those people de facto do, is sucking the money out of the peoples pockets. So if you ask for initiation, you can be sure to lose at least 125 just for a cheap jewelery and a "Bible", a pamphlet of 25 sides.

I have been personally asked for information about these people. I have never, and will never provide people with this information. Those organisations can be found by using a searching engine. They are to be found under the name "Temple of the Vampire" (TOV).

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