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The Symptoms

A comment inbetween

Before I start to explain anything about my research on the symptoms, let me add a comment about what we are dealing with. When I want to talk about symptoms, then it means physical reactions to the initiated change on a physical level, or short the physical side of vampirism. I want to remind you all that in the beginning I mentioned the "first step" on a path to knowledge. So you all can easily imagine that all I am talking about is NOT the only view on the topic of vampirism. It is much more than an amount of physical phenomenons. I can only offer you my limited knowledge and experience. Yet there is much more to it. Therefore I will offer you links to other places of interest later on this page. Different viewpoints and yet more knowledge about that what cannot be seen but has to be dealt with as well...

And yet another thing.

The symptoms I will mention here are what I viewed and experienced. I have to admit that every vampire is different, such as every human is. Thus, I cannot speak for every and any vampire. So if you believe that I have not listed an important factor or disagree with anything I say, we can talk about it.

The symptoms

I have taken my time to watch myself and others in order to find out if there are any physical phenomenons that we all or at least most of us share. Here is a listing and explanation of the symptoms of vampirism that most of us seem to share.


As already mentioned before, vampires feed on sources of life energy, such as blood or mental energy. The aforementioned psychic draining is rather a magical act than a physical one, therefore I will leave it out at this point, as I want to concentrate on physical feeding. It is said that the older a vampire gets, the better he has the ability to control his urges. It is also said that with the time passing, the blood comsume decreases. Yet I cannot speak for myself. But simply the fact THAT blood is consumed stands in contradiction to what is known about the normal human metabolism and body chemistry.

Although in several cultures blood can appear as a part of specific meals in small amounts, it is accepted as a general statement that blood cannot be digested. For a normal body chemistry that is unable to split the specific molecules into consumable ones I mean. This seems to be different for vampires. But this is a topic for the offspring theory. The only thing that can be stated right here and now is that the metabolism of a vampire is able to use blood as a source of energy ad nourishment.

On the other hand, most vampires I know including me state that their need to consume solid food has decreased. Obviously blood replaces a certain amount of the normal human diet. To which degree this replacement takes place seems to depend on the individual.


In contradiction to general mythologic belief, I have never met a vampire that burned to ashes because of exposure to sunlight. And we are not dealing with myths right now, so let us just stick to reality. It is mostly the youngs that make bad experiences with sunlight. "New-born" - meaning recently changed - vampires frequently feel pain while being in contact with sunlight, burn easily or suffer from the heat related to sun. But approximately all vampires suffer from the light concerning their eyes. Sunlight and sometimes even normal daylight causes great pain to a vampire´s eyes. But normally severe damage can be easily prevented by sunglasses and other protective means. Some vampires have managed by the time to readjust to sunlight by mental training and slow steps towards normal exposure. They can lead a nearly normal life. Others lead a life in the shadows. They mostly live and work during the night and sometimes don´t even make efforts to lead a life among the normal human society. It might depend on how someone starts his new life. But even in case a vampire has developed abilities to readjust to sunlight, it has at least always a weakening effect.

Drugs, medication, illnesses

Every vampire has made bad experiences in his "life". One of the most well-nown accident is a poisoning effect of "bad blood". Bad blood simply means drug-poisoned blood. Nobody who has still control about his senses would consume this poison willingly. It happens accidently. But the effect speaks for itself. If one simply feels sick and has to throw up, he can consider himself as lucky still. Depending on how dangerous the drug is, the effect on the body is more or less hazardous. Some vampires ended up extremely sick for days or at least until the next feeding. This already gives a hint on the effects of chemicals on the metabolism in general. Drugs and medicaments have a similar effect. Either the body simply ignores the chemical or a drug/medicament taken in low or normal dose causes a poisoning effect similar to overdose. In plain words this means a chemical treatment of diseases or drug-abuse is nearly impossible. But what to do then? The answer lies within itself. Vampires are mostly not affected by normal diseases, therefore they don´t need medication. Those aforementioned affections against outer influences can only be tried to be prevented, but not chemically cured. Generally said, vampires are known for their effective protection against most normal "health hazards" that normal human beings suffer from. A good reason to avoid a doctor, but often confusing to the youngs.

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