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This is the place for all kinds of things that might be of interest but which do not fit into the other categories.

The newest asset here is the relaunch of the VRI Message Base, originally part of Liriel McMahons Vampirism Research Institute. In order to make the pages - which are original downloads from a 2001 captures stored on the Wayback Machine - navigable, I had to change some of the integral linking structure. Therefore, I changed only the link names which navigate between the Message Base Archive main page and the singular months pages. I also removed the links from the last two pages on top which were already disfunctional on the Wayback Machine, even though I remember these pages existed. I did NOT change, however, any links or email addresses posted by the participants of the discussions. All these email addys and webpages once existed and if you wish to find them again, you might Wayback them yourselves. Therefore, please be patient if any of the other embedded links work differently than expected. It was not my intention to relaunch Liriels entire page - it is her intellectual property. These archives, however, are a part of our history and the joint effort of all the members of the VC back between 1997 and 2001. Whoever you were, no matter if you've perished or are still reading this - this is for you.

Sasha, January 2012

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