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Letís Do The Time Warp Again?

It was a funny feeling using the Wayback Machine ( in order to find the shattered bits of my old webpage. In 2001, my old Pentium III had a full crash. I lost everything which was on it. Website backups, IRC logs, emails, you name it. Even though I had backup floppies from my website, eventually they also went down the stream of dysfunctional technology. I believed for many years that all data was lost. I had used before in attempts to find my old site again, but for some reason, sometimes pages show up, but sometimes, it only lead me into an empty directory. This is what happened back then and I thought ďOh well, thatís it. Kthxbai.Ē

However, I was wrong. Sanguinarius helped me finding a somewhat functional bit of my page again on Many parts of the data have been lost, but the larger portion was still there. So the first thing I did was: capture the HTML source codes, see what was still left, re-vamp the site in a way that made it functional again and then, kill all things in it that due to missing material make no sense anymore. For instance 4 pages of the whole site were not saved by; they are forever lost in space. All images used were broken; links, webrings and forums had vanished.

Therefore, I restored a no-frames-no-frills-version of my site, being only little more than a text-only version of the theories presented. After all, these theories were the main reason for me to save the data. And reading through the old pages made me smile, in the way a mother smiles while looking on the scribbled images her daughter she painted when she was three years old. The same daughter that is now co-captain of the high school cheerleader team.

I feel that time has moved without me noticing. I talked to Sanguinarius shortly after we re-established contact and she said that it does not really feel like 13 years have passed. I must agree. It feels more like the blink of an eye, maybe with a little nap in between.

Reading these pages again feels like using a gate into the past. A past where I struggled for my own identity and for the creation of an environment where people like me could discuss about the things going on in their life, without having to fear that anyone would harass or prosecute them.

Of course, times were rough in between. We had out struggles, with the rest of the world as much as internally. But as I write this, the Vampire Community is still there, alive and well. It has moved on without me, and now I am again moving with it. And whenever I wish to do so, I can jump back in time.

Now tell me: who needs anti aging cosmetics or immortality when you can have this? ;-)

Let's Do The Time Warp Again?
What am I actually doing here, and why...

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